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Timex – Changing Future of Smartwatches

Timex, the leading watches manufacturers, who recently launched IQ+ Move in India, are planning to take their A-game ahead and launch a new range of smartwatches in November/December.

Head of sales and marketing, Anupam Mathur said: “This year, during Diwali, we will be launching a brand new line of smartwatches.”

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After the launch of Timex metropolitan+ last year, the IQ+ move is the second generation belonging to the Timex Connected Collection. Timex IQ+ looked like an analogue watch with a conventional round dial and leather strap but it can efficiently track daily activities like steps, calories, sleep, distance, etc.

Apart from being water resistant up to 50 meters, the Timex IQ+ can be purchased in two distinctive styles; one with silver-toned case,
white dial with gold-toned accents and brown leather strap while the other in gray silicone strap with grey finish case, black dial and blue accents.

The company’s production plant in Baddi Himachel Pardesh informed that they’re currently producing two million watches in their plant; moreover they plan on setting up another plant as the volume gains more momentum for smartwatches across India.

When asked from Anupam, he said: “Currently all smartwatches are imported from Philippines”, furthermore he commented that their major revenues are generated from West, South and Northern parts of the country.

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According to a report, Anupam commented: “The market of buyers and their needs are constantly evolving and consumers want certain smart features even from a simple analog watch.”

They hope that by year 2020, 30% of their sales will come from watches that have smart features. Company which had a return of 135 crore rupees during year 2015-16 is aiming to achieve 20% year-on-year growth, according to Anupam Mathur.


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