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It’s Time For A Smart Personal Dance Instructor

Raise your hand if you have also been as embarrassed and mortified by your unsynchronized cognitive skills when it comes to dancing.

Gone are the days of your humiliation for Rhythm Shoes are finally being launched on crowdfunding platform. Perhaps these innovative shoes are your best shot at practicing and enhancing your dance skills. A fluent dancer is definitely the center of attraction in a party; it adds on to your self-confidence and expands your friends circle but hold on; there are numerous health benefits of dancing too. Dancing strengthens your mind-body coordination, is a fun way to exercise, releases all the happy brain chemicals and keeps your muscles and bones strong.

Rhythm is here to transform the clumsiest dancers among us into the deftest one with only a pair of smart shoes and a mobile app. So basically, you get an all-time personal dancer instructor in your pocket.

Sensors in Rhythm shoes vibrate constantly to guide you the movement of your feet. It has a variety of built-in dance forms including Jazz, Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, Hip-Hop, Breaking, Tango and more, plus options for solo or couples dances.

Real time data is being forwarded to your smartphone app for tracking progress including how many steps, performance rate, time spent dancing and calories burned. It teaches you creative dance steps through visual learning and live tutorials conducted by dance experts.

All you have to do is slip on the rhythm shoes and choose a lesson from your app. The smart shoes then take over. The sensors guide your movement by vibrating to direct you to move your feet according to the choreography of that dance number. Gyroscopes and accelerometers in the shoes act as the feedback mechanism, tracking your movements and sending them up to the smartphone app over a Bluetooth connection.

Alongside, the app also displays a visual lesson for you showing upper-body movements. The app draws data from to study the progress and advise relevant changes in the dance technique.

For keeping the amateur dancers motivated, the app has a Badge earning feature. Badges are rewarded upon achieving certain milestones. You can also set up your profile and communicate and socialize with your fellow enthusiastic dancers to learn their progress and keep them updated about yours.

As it is currently on Indiegogo, you can grab a early bid deal of 50% of retail price at $150 USD + shipping.

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