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Time To Shape It With Atlas

If you remember Atlas is the sports wearable startup which developed the rep-counting and exercise detecting fitness wearable tracker. Atlas is back with another futuristic sports wearable – Shape.

Shape is another wristband developed by Atlas. It has all the qualities of the previous wristbands of Atlas. Furthermore, it adds a more individualized touch to your fitness program.

Shape is a sleek wristband that is built on the technology of motion tracking. Along with detecting more than 70 different kinds of exercises and counting reps, Shape will act as your personal trainer. It will track your fitness and activity day in and day out and also your sleep pattern.

Atlas has integrated AI to create audio coaching in this wristband. Once your headphones are plugged in, the smart wristband will constantly urge you to perform better and will give audio clues such as “Slow down rep speed to burn fat more effectively!” it has tips, tricks and workout hacks for you just like a Personal Coach would have.

Shape also has individualized workout plans for your fitness and health. Once you register with your essentials in its smartphone application; it will gradually evolve to provide you personalized training and fitness programs for your daily workout routine.  Its workout programs maintain a balance between anaerobic fitness, burning daily calories and muscle training workouts. Most of the workouts do not require any gym equipment such as – running, squats, sit-ups and burpees.

As your collaboration progresses with Shape, the app analyses your daily workouts for you to make you understand which ones are benefiting you and which ones aren’t useful for your body type.

Shape wristband has a touchscreen display for navigating between data screens. It is waterproof up to 1 metre. Its battery life lasts for 10 days in activity tracking mode and 5 days when you also use heart rate sensor.

The project is up at Kickstarter for crowdfunding. It is looking to raise $50,000 and a minimum pledge of $59 will work. However, the retail price is $129. It will be up for another 30 days. Shipping is scheduled for June 2017.

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