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TicWris GTS Tracks Body Temperature Directly from Wrists of the Wearer

TicWris has just recently unveiled its first smartwatch which has the ability to track the body temperature of the wearer. This smartwatch, which goes by the name of TicWris GTS costs only $25 and take temperature reading in less than three seconds.

TicWris just launched its TicWris Max 4G smart watch just a few weeks back. This smartwatch had a massive screen 2.66 inches which enabled the user to do all kinds of browsing very smoothly with this smartwatch.

Now TicWris has made a comeback with something which does not resemble a lot to TicWris Max 4G. The smartwatch resembles the Apple Watch a lot but it has a very unique feature apart from its impressively low cost which sets it apart. This functionality of taking temperature reading directly from our wrists is something we have not seen much in other smartwatches as of now.

Even brands like Garmin, Apple and FitBit have not yet managed to have this technology incorporated in their smartwatches and other wrist based devices yet which makes it interesting how TicWris managed to pull this off.

TicWris managed to achieve this by putting a Thermistor (Temperature sensitive resistor) inside the build of this smartwatch. This lets the device to take readings on demands and even automatically at predefined intervals all through your day. The smartphone application accompanied by this smartwatch notifies the users when the temperature reaches a certain high point set by the users themselves. TicWris has suggested to take the first temperature reading at least around 60 minutes after wearing the watch around your wrist.

TicWris has stated that this device cannot be substituted as “a medical device, and the test results cannot be used as a clinical basis” and that “at the same time, the arm skin surface temperature measured by the watch is 0.3 ℃ -0.7 ℃ lower than the armpit temperature measured by the medical mercury thermometer.”

That being said, this functionality can prove to be very useful in many cases and obviously with the passage of time, we will see the improvement in technology.

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