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TicWatch Pro 2020 Gets Performance Boost with 1GB RAM

Mobvoi has announced the launch of a brand new edition to the TicWatch Pro smartwatch series. TicWatch Pro 2020, as it is named, brings in itself a gigantic RAM of 1GB with its durability of military standards.

Wear OS has always seen complains of slow and sluggish performance which are mainly caused by low or insufficient memory most of the time. Thus, TicWatch Pro 2020 has doubled the memory offered by the previous edition of TicWatch Pro. This memory boost has given an improvement in performance to TicWatch Pro 2020. Not only that, but it has also enhanced the responsiveness of the smartwatch as well. Thus the experience of accessing notifications and opening applications has become more streamlined as well. The time wasted in lag is not noticeable at all anymore.

This smartwatch also has a MIL-STD-810G rating which makes it durable even in the extreme temperatures variations and harsh environmental backgrounds. This specification is a standard set by United States military to set apart devices that can stand the test of time and extreme conditions and are “Combat-Ready” or ready to be taken on to the field. The watch is also water proof and can withstand pressure under 1.5 meters depth for as long as thirty minutes inside a water body.

Apart from this, TicWatch Pro 2020 has inherited everything its predecessor had including built-in high-end GPS (GLONASS + Beidou + Galileo), fitness sensors like heart beat monitor, NFC payment for Google Pay, and a storage size of 4GBs.

TicWatch Pro LTE is already one of the best options out of all the Wear OS devices available in the market right now. It provides it users with a unique always-on feature and an excellent display. Sleep tracking functionality was also introduced in an update in the later part of previous year. Thus TIcWatch series has truly stepped in smartwatch market with 24/7 health and fitness tracking functionality. Now TicWatch Pro 2020 has been launched to the customers in United Kingdom and can be purchased from Amazon and Mobvoi’s website as well. It costs £222.99 only for now which is not too much considering all the functionalities it has to offer.

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