Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Three Brand-new Wearables Announced by FitBit

FitBit has launched three brand-new wearable products in the market of Malaysia. These three products include a smartwatch and two wrist bands.

These wearables are budget products aimed at a bigger market of consumers with their affordability. On top of not being too heavy on the wallet, these products also come with a wide range of fitness and health features to help you keep your body maintained. These wearables also let the user stay in contact with a global community of fitness and health enthusiasts through a very user-friendly social network.

FitBit Versa Lite is an addition to the FitBit Versa line of products. It is a n electronic smartwatch designed specially to help you maintain fitness and health by keeping a track of your body and your activities throughout the day. It carries most of the applications provided in FitBit Versa products. These applications include PurePulse 24/7 sleep stages and heartbeat monitor, more than 15 exercise modes based on goals for motivation, connectivity to your smartphones, a battery that lasts longer than four days without a charge and a blood oxygen level sensor which allows you to estimate the rise or drop on oxygen levels in your blood. This smartwatch has a modern yet classy design to attract younger consumer. It comes in multiple colors and compact design and shiny build. Available in marina blue, white, lilac, charcoal and mulberry color options, a smartwatch of this magnitude has never been produced by FitBit in this price range, which really is grabbing the attention in Malaysian Market.

Inspire HR is one of the most innovative and advanced wrist band of its price bracket. It tracks your heartbeat through out the day in addition to tracking your sleep pattern, exercises and other activities.  It also has more than 15 exercises based on goals for motivational purposes. A mammoth battery life of more than five days without charge makes it all even better. It comes in multiple color options including black and lilac for classy looks.

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