Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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This Wearables Buzzes to Remind You against Touching Your Face

A startup based in Seattle has developed a smart-band which vibrate every time you take your hand anywhere near your face around your eyes, nose or mouth.

This Corona Virus Pandemic has affected many nations around the world already and it is showing no signs of stopping down. According to medical experts, this viral outbreak can take from anywhere between 3 to 6 months to settle down. More than four hundred thousand cases were reported by the end of penultimate week of March. Guidelines have been issued by Centre of Disease Control and Prevention that need to be followed to protect yourself against this outbreak. It is important to follow these instructions not only to stop you from catching the illness but also to keep you from being a carrier and spreading it further as well. These guideline have advised against touching your hands anywhere around your mouth.

Immutouch has been developed specifically in order to remind you and help you from touching this to happen. It vibrates every time you bring your hand anywhere near your face and it also keeps a count of how many times you touched your face. Generally in normal circumstances, a normal person is reported to touch their face 23 times in any given hour. That takes the number well above 500 times in a day.

“A problem the size of COVID-19 requires everyone to do their part, large or small”, said Matthew Toles. “The three of us happened to be uniquely well equipped to tackle this one task and felt it was our duty to at least try”. Matthew Toles is one of the founders of this startup.

Immutouch is developed specifically to keep you from developing this habit of touching your face and it can also help you break it as well if you already have it. This smart band could be bought for $49.99.

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