Thin Ice Vest Will Help You Burn Your Body Fat!


Smart clothing was the fad of the wearable world, just a few months ago. The importance of the tech hasn’t ended but many more new wearables have made their way. However, this new piece of clothing will definitely revive it back. This time around, the vest by Thin Ice will burn your calories without any adamant instructions and workouts. Thin Ice Vest has been developed by the personal trainer and former NCAA athlete Adam Paulin.

Thin Ice Vest Will Help You Burn Your Body Fat!

With the help of cooling thermoreceptors placed along the upper chest and back, the vest works against your increased weight. The chilled thermoreceptors can stimulate the body’s brown fat pathways. We all are equipped with the use of white fat which stores the energy for the body. On the other hands, brown fat cells burn energy to produce heat. With the help of cold atmosphere, brown fat can be activated to burn the white fat or the bad fat of the body. This means that the basic idea behind Thin Ice Vest is to cool your fat off so it can burn easily and lose your weight.

Vest cools your body with the help of a set of Peltier cooling chips powered by a battery. The chips are built into the vest and act as heat dissipation system. The temperature of the Thin Ice Vest can be controlled with the help of the Thin Ice companion app that is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. Apart from helping in cooling off your fat, the app will also tell you the estimated quantity of the calories burned. If you achieve or reach your suggested health goals, the app will also give your badges.

Thin Ice Vest Will Help You Burn Your Body Fat!

If you are one of those who are agitated by their ever-increasing weight or are finding some ways to burn off your calories than nothing could be better than this vest. The Thin Ice Vest can also be used by athletes who want to invest their body fat into the right places.

If you want to order the product jump to the company’s Fundrazr campaign page where it has already raised $25,000. The potential users can pre-order the vest from there in a discounted price of $165 with shipping expected in December 2016. The users will also get a digital meal plan, exercise routine, cookbook and a Joule bracelet along with the cooling vest.

Let’s wait and see if the Thin Ice Vest is capable of burning your calories or not!