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Thim- The First Sleep Re-training Wearable Which Lets You Make Peace With Sleep!

Sleep, wake, re-sleep; Night has never been better!


We, already, have a lot of wearable devices that improve the quality of our sleep. So, what makes any new device better than the other. To answer this question, let me introduce you to Thim. Thim delivers the sleep re-training in a wearable device which is compact and comfortable.

Thim is the first wearable device which can improve sleep. It helps you fall asleep sooner to achieve a longer night’s rest.

In order to start, place Thim on your finger while going to bed. It will detect when you have fallen asleep to the nearest minute. After 3-minutes of sleep, the wearable wakes you up. You then fall asleep again and have another 3-minute sleep. Falling asleep again and again will condition your body to fall asleep sooner so you learn to fall asleep with ease. You can customize the length of time spent re-training (more time or less time).

In addition to the world first application of sleep re-training, Thim also contains a power-nap module and sleep tracking capability. The perfect power-nap should last for 10 minutes. The device knows when you have fallen asleep – to the exact minute. Providing you the perfect power-nap for the first time.

Thim emits a soft vibration each minute. When you feel this vibration you respond by making a subtle movement with your finger. This tells the device that you are awake. When you fail to respond, it knows that you have fallen asleep.

Thim connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth low energy technology. The wearable collects data on sleep onset latency (time taken to fall asleep each night), stages of sleep and their duration, and frequency and duration of waking episodes.

Thim is perfect for athletes and endurance athletes; who struggle with sleep. It will help them have peace on the bed so they can wage war on the field, next morning.

Thim is currently up and running on Kickstarter with a goal of $120,000 and a total of 16 days to go. So, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep and your power-naps on point; pre-order the unique sleep tracking wearable for just $109. The wearable is slated to start shipments by May 2017.

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