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These wearables prove that high technology is not necessary always

These wearables prove that high technology is not necessary always

UNICEF has always been true to its name. The world organization is always striving to improve the conditions of under-dog areas. In this direction, UNICEF has also arranged “Wearables For Good” competition.

There was another competition which was backed by ARM Holdings. The brainchild behind this competition was; the famous product design company Frog, UNICEF and ARM Holdings. The winning teams included students from India and United States. The prize money was $15,000, so that the idea holders can translate their product from paper into reality.

There were two separate ideas which stole the limelight of the competition and hence, they were declared as winners.  One of the ideas is the necklace that can store the health data and all the other information of infants, toddlers and babies, electronically. On the other hand, there was a soap which was also focused on children. The soap will encourage children to wash their hands from time to time to stay away from germs, bacteria and other very harmful disease causing germs.

These wearables prove that high technology is not necessary always
The “Kushi Necklace”

These two products won the competition and proved that the idea should not be always glittery and for the elite. These conceptions proved that there is a different world beyond the glittery Smartwatches and sports trackers. There are many other problems which need immediate focus and attention.

ARM executive also showed his excitement over the ideas and said that the winning designs have proved that it is not necessary to design wearables that always have high-tech guarantees. The winning designs showed the potential of wearables that use no power other than the low cost to produce them.

The first winner “Kushi baby” necklace contains a two-year personalization record for children. The record and all the data can be easily read through a Smartphone using near-field technology.

These wearables prove that high technology is not necessary always
The “SoaPen” for children

The other winner, named as SoaPen, is a soap crayon. It will motivate children to wash their hands. This childish yet interesting wearable will create marks on the hands of children that will soon disappear after scrubbing. The team member, Shubham Issar, said in a press conference that the soap would decline the rate of disease spreading by promoting the habit of washing hands among children.

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