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ThermBot: The tiny, contactless, Thermometer Approved by FDA


Thermometers are getting a lot of attention these days mainly because of the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic. Most of this attention is focused on contactless thermometer which are being used at malls, airports and other public places. ThermBot is one of these contactless thermometers which can be funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Its unique and great design makes it stand out from all the thermometers available in the market right now.

Contactless thermometers usually use the infrared technology which takes down the thermal radiation given off by the targeted object. These devices are also called Laser Thermometers as well. Most special feature of these thermometers is that it does not require being in touch with the person physically to take down their temperature.

ThermBot can be used at home and even on the go, which means it is not a heavy hospital grade medical equipment but just a small device easily accessible to everyone and portable to use. Its size and dimensions can be compared to a keychain actually. A silicon casing covers this thermometer which can easily be clipped to your keys. It is powered by a very compact 9v battery as well.

This thermometer can be connected to an iPhone or an Android Phone to take down the reading. The gadget must be pointed towards your head at the distance of 0.4 inches to as far as 1.9 inches while taking down the reading instantly in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The most fascinating thing about this thermometer is that it is completely accurate for clinical use. It received approval from FDA in no time.

ThermBot works not only with smartphones but it can also work with the help of tablets and powerbanks as well. All you need is a USB-C connection. In addition to that, it does not need any smartphone application to work either.

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