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The World’s First Wireless, Single-use Pulse Oximeter – Oxxiom

What’s New?

True Wearable recently came out with a one-of-a-kind pulse oximeter last month called Oxxiom. It is the world’s first wireless, disposable, continuous pulse oximeter that can be used for Sports and Aviation, but not for medical purposes. With the help of Oxxiom, fitness enthusiasts can work on their performances, expand their limits and aim for higher goals.

True Wearables, Inc. (PRNewsfoto/True Wearables, Inc.)

What is Oxxiom?

Oxxiom is a smart and portable device which is light weight which help provide users with an optimum experience. It basically helps measure your oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index. This allows athletes and aviators to have constant access of their oxygen levels and heart rates.

Unlike other old fashioned and bulky devices, Oxxiom offers felxibility of measurement sites like finger, forehead and behind the ears. According to True Wearable’s CEO, Marcelo Lamego, “You can only control what you can measure. There is a high demand for wireless, single-use, and disposable solutions, and Oxxiom delivers that at an affordable price.”

Oxxiom comes with the Oxxiom App. Combined, they offer a completely innovative approach to pulse oximetry and can be a promising substitute for other pulse oximeters available in the market.

Where To Order?

Oxxiom requires its accompanying app to function. The Oxxiom App is available for download on the app store for $1.99. Further details and the user guides are available on the company website.

For immediate delivery of Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation, click here.


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