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The World’s First Wearable Power Meter for Cyclists!

Cycling seems easy, but it isn’t! Tracking the key areas, performance and power outputs are those things which can improve the way you play it. Specially, Power Output is one of those things which can make or break the way you cycle. But, installing such meters is very expensive. However, a Kickstarter start-up Brim Brothers has managed to find a solution, in return breaking all the funding goals.

The Brim Brothers are offering flexibility with a wearable power meter that is fitted to the cyclist’s shoes to measure force regardless of their choice of ride. The unique wearable by the Brothers has detached the power meter from the cyclists’ bike altogether.

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The World's First Wearable Power Meter for Cyclists!

The Zone DPMX is a waterproof meter which consists of a sensor-laden plate. The sensor takes the place of an adopter plate that is positioned between the cleat and the sole of the shoe, and a pod that sits on top of the foot.

Sensors fitted in the bottom plate of the meter measures force, whole sensors situated at the pod measure the position of the pedal and crank around 100 times per second. The manufacturing company has claimed that combining the information from the two sensors allows to easily calculate power in watts, along with cadence and revolutions per minute.

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The World's First Wearable Power Meter for Cyclists!
Technical Specifications

After calculating all the data, it is displayed to an ANT+ capable smartphone or bike computer for display and recording. Zone DPMX is great device, cyclists can easily rely upon it to get all the information they want. What’s cherry on the top is that, by installing one Zone DPMX on each sole of the shoe, the pods calculate the total power exerted. On the other hand, it also offers a power balance reading of bothleft and right side.

The Zone DPMX power meters need Speedplay Zero pedals and cleats to work properly. Additionally, the meters are compatible with any other cycling shoe that has 3-hole cleat pattern on the sole and at least one closing strap.

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The World's First Wearable Power Meter for Cyclists!

The Zone DPMX has a battery that can last for around 15 hours of use. The charging time is just two hours. The wearable power meters have successfully smashed Kickstarter record by gathering €174,653 when the pledged goal was €100,000. The campaign still has 21 days to close. You can order the Zone DPMX power meters for €390 (US$437). Shipping is expected to be dispatched around July 2016.

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