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The Wilson X or should I say current…


The world is changing and moving forward and so is basketball. In the world of basketball a new invention has shaken up their world. It’s a basketball that tracks your performance by having sensors within it and shows your performance on your smart phone preferably anything iOS.

It is not as simple as it sounds It is the most amazing invention made ,it’s  like a personal trainer telling you your most strongest position on court, your time in moving around the court,shots you made and missed. Basically if you have one of these you don t need anything more to be in shape or to stay in it.

The credit for this basketball is given to Wilson with partnership by Finnish artificial intelligence firm SportIQ. The work on it has been long enough to make it perfect and worth the time and effort although you might lose hope in a matter of two years but Wilson didn’t and see where it stands now.

The basketball is connected to a smart phone easily showing your performance and statistical chart besides that it includes four modes.

  • FREE THROW which includes 40 throws.
  • BUZZER BEAT which last for 120 secs and you score before the time up
  • GAME TIME which helps in improving game overall.
  • FREE RANGE showing the distance and range of your throws also your best position to throw and three pointer and two pointers track.

For those of you still having doubts about spending money on this should know that it is recommended by THE CURLY BOO JOHNSON for those of you who don t know him he is former Harlem Globetrotter also the head coach of SKILLS FOR LIFE BASKETBALL ACADEMY. He said:

“If you are serious about your basketball game, this is the basketball for you. I think it’s fantastic.”

Besides him it is also recommended by coach Darnell Ash of Chicago sky basketball camp.it is being used by collage players and they have given good feedback and recommended it

The ball is available in two sizes, 29.5-inch Official and 28.5-inch Intermediate and the price for this magical thing is $199 only to get this order now:


The ball doesn’t need to be charged like any other sports gadgets and is also long lasting for something which doesn’t require battery it’ll last up to 100,000 shots. That’s about 300 shots a day, every day; for a year…..so still think it is n t work it!!

It just doesn’t t stop here Wilson is working on making these kind of more similar sensors to help in other sports and completely bring a revolution in the world of sports.we will soon see the new invention of it.

Ali Yaqoobhttps://www.sportswearable.net
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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