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The Watch Series 3 by Apple assisted Apple in dominating the market of smart wearables for last four months

The launch of Apple Watch Series 3 by Apple in the ninth of month of previous year made a giant change of fate in company’s highly anticipated and well received smartwatch. New features like cellular connectivity made it possible for Apple’s smart watches to work alone as a unit without any kind of assistance or connectivity from the smartphones. 

These features we not the only reasons to make it huge success in the growing market of smart wearables and watches. Impressive battery life, powerful processor and a healthy ram boxed into an elegant body and design takes it on another level. This all is complemented an impressive display for a smartwatch even by Apple’s standards. Apple is yet to release any information regarding sales and earnings by Apple Watch but Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple made some very bold statements regarding the watch and how it has taken the earnings of Apple of greater heights with its impressive never seen before like sales.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of wearables market would not be surprised to know that Apple has been leading the wearables market for a long time now with its Apple Watch. As reported by research data published few days ago by IDC, Apple successfully sold more than 8 million units of these smart watches only during the last month of 2017. This all assisted Apple in taking its wearables market share from a 14.4% to 21% in a year with almost around a 50% rise in its share.

FitBit, Garming, Xiaomi and a lot of other major brands are not very far behind in terms of market share to Apple by the name Apple has created for itself is something that will give it an advantage over any brand in the world of electronics and other smart products.

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