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The Skulpt Chisel Tracks Body Fat And Helps Athletes Get Fit Faster!

There are a number of fitness and health trackers available in the market for athletes. These trackers not only gauge the muscle fatigue but also aware the users with the amount of data they require. However, Skulpt Chisel is a device that not only measures your body fat and muscle quality but it also monitors your results and sends them to you in real-time without an error.

There are many other wearables but calculating the body fat is not only essential for athletes but it is hard to find the correct data. Skulpt Chisel claims to measure the body fat nearly as accurately as a hydrostatic weight test, or within a margin of error of just 1-2 percent. It uses a more complex version of impedance testing called ‘electrical impedance myography.’

The Skulpt Chisel Tracks Body Fat And Helps Athletes Get Fit Faster!

Skulpt Chisel is the better version of its predecessor crowdfunded Aim. The device is much less in price which is $99 when compared to the previous $199 and is lighter and better than before. The new wearable is capable of working for around two to four weeks on a single charge.

All in all, the Skulpt Chisel measures body fat and muscle quality when placed in different areas of the body. It works by sending a small current to both the muscle and the surrounding fat. Keeping the muscle fitness in mind, the Smartphone app is able to determine the quality of 24 different muscle groups.

The Skulpt Chisel Tracks Body Fat And Helps Athletes Get Fit Faster!
How Skulpt Chisel Works!

The new Skulpt Chisel leverages the science-driven techniques which were previously only available through professional fitness testing and coaching. The device gives consumers the ability to optimize their workouts and diet and get fit faster! It is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, coaches and especially for athletes.

The device can be ordered for just $99 from here. There is a 45 days money back guarantee and a one year warranty for certain problems.

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