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The Run-down For The Perfect Underwater Fitness Tracker


Everyone literally jumps over the idea of waterproof fitness tracker which can be used almost everywhere from kitchen sink to mid-summer swim, which apparently isn’t really easy to search and shop for, which can range from sweat, rain and splash proof.

Customers demand durability and precision while buying fitness trackers, but there really isn’t any scale to measure it.

The real question arises how to find the perfect waterproof tracker? Solution was provided by International Electrotechnical Commission, where they created standards to rate the degree of protection a product will likely provide against dust, water, pressure etc. The organization created an IP containing two numbers which appears on product.

The first figure refers to product’s imperviousness to solids and the other refers to liquids.

Spark Cardio 3 + Music was safely placed higher on score charts for water resistance after delivering their claims on bearing pressure up to 131 meters depth for 30 minutes.

Connor Jaeger, silver medalist in freestyle swimming, 2016 Rio Olympics believes that fitness trackers are more about calculating the overall workout impacts on his body. He used the Whoop Fitness tracker which calculated the heart-rate data, later used to calculate the toll activities take on the body. He said, “Whoop tracker helped us calculate how impactful the activities were on the body, and how much the overall workload aggregate had by cross-discipline training both in and out of water.”

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The downside of swim-related trackers is that, they can’t measure heart-rate data and don’t have displays, which explains why Misfit Shine, Moove Now, and Fitbit Flex 2 received lesser ratings despite having excellent water resistance.

Garmin tried solving this problem by integrating heart-rate monitor straps and pairing them with its complement swim smartwatch.

To pass the standard tests, a swim-proof tracker must withhold under 50 feet of water for 10 minutes.