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The Rugby World Cup is ready hit by some high class technology

The Rugby World Cup this time will be back with a bang
The Rugby World Cup this time will be back with a bang

When NBA took very crucial steps in improving the players’ health and well being through technological mediums, we know that this is not just the start but a key to the entirely new era. Through this we really came to know that athletic industry is really going to be driven by technology.

Following the footprints of NBA, a number of major sports clubs and teams have adopted the use of tracking and sensor technology while playing to gauge players’ health and better ways to eradicate the upcoming illness. One of the models of such technology-struck sports is Rugby.

With Rugby World Cup in progress, it is not astonishing to know that excessive technology is also being used by the teams during live matches apart from the training.

An Irish Company STATSports at the front of all the other organizations in an endeavor to improve sports. Already a number of teams are involved with this company through the course of world cup.

The company has opened its HQ in Januaray 2015 in Chicago. They also hired a number of employees to meet the demand of many new produces for the sports world. STATSports have signed up above 30 professional teams across the NBA, NFL, and MLS including the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and LA Galaxy. Finally, they have recently signed a league wide deal with the RFL in England and the AFL in Australia which will see them enter the broadcast industry in late 2015.

STATSports was initially started by Alan Clarke and Sean O’Connor in 2008. The mandate behind this venture was that they realized that through applying some sciences in sports the teams across Europe could benefit order to analyze player loads during training and matches.

Through the course of events, both the founders managed to meet the coaches of popular and elite teams to analyze the information that is going to help them with this regard in the future. As one can expect, every coach felt that there was a need to have some product that is advance for the players and due to this reason STATSports started working on bringing something up.

The Viper system is what the two motivated founders managed to come up with. The product revolves around the need of elite sports coaches. The Viper System is currently in use by the best teams around the world. This multi-dimensional product has use in many sports and competitions like the Premier League, NFL, NBA, La Liga and many more right through to teams involved in the Rugby World Cup and European Hockey Championship.

This product will help in streaming the live information within no time through the corresponding software. You can also log to the data after training or match to fully analyze the extent of your performance.

While defining the use of The Viper System in Rugby General Manager Paul Johnson said;

 “The team at STATSports will be supporting a number of our current clients as well as being on hand for the sport analysis teams. The Rugby World Cup is a fantastic sporting event and we are proud to be involved with the England and Ireland set up.  Measuring a player’s performance has become so important to teams involved at the elite end of sport.  The margins of success are so small these days but providing live data on an individual players performance can be the important factor in terms of success.”

The involvement of technology in sports is rather a great deal of modernity. Moreover, especially with the sports associated with elites and hi-class people, it will be worth watching till what extent this new system does wonders. Let’s wait to see till the world cup.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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