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The Muscle Shirt Keeps A Check On Your Workouts

Keeping an eye on the perfect data during the workouts can be a tricky job. Newbies and professionals need to know how much they are into their workout or the exercises they are performing during their gym time. However, the workout addicts and gym freaks will be able to tell the intensity of their workout with the help of their shirt color.

As per the report by Popular Science, the Muscle Shirt which has been designed by German designer Simone Schramm gives the wearers their workout knowledge. The shirt displays a second colored under-layer that responds to the wearer’s workout. It means that the shirt changes color as per the nature of the workout and the wearer.

The Muscle Shirt works on the heart rate mechanism. It is due to the heart rate of the wearer that the fabric tightens and reveals the second layer under the shirt. In case the shirt is taut, it is an indicator that the posture of the individual and their form during the workout is going as planned and perfect.

The Muscle Shirt Keeps A Check On Your Workouts

Muscle Shirt, during the construction phase, was connected to a stepper motor. This connection transferred the digital signals to the mechanical movements. It means that the functioning of the motor triggered the fabric which in turn responded to the movements as the motor sped up.

In an interview during the research report, Schramm revealed that the intention behind Muscle Shirt was to help the gym addicts. They won’t have to be so worn off while constantly seeing their numbers during the gym time. With the help of this color changing shirt, they will already be indicated about their performance level and there would be no need to check on to their numbers and compare them with the previous ones.

Schramm stated:

 “Through research, I’ve found that those who exercise really want to show their level of physical performance in pubic, so I decided to create this shirt as a way to communicate their activity visually, but without having to share their data in a public setting. If I were to make an app for the data collected by the shirt, I’d still want the user interface to be a color animation that corresponds to the body, and makes it an intuitive experience.” 

The Muscle Shirt Keeps A Check On Your Workouts

Muscle Shirt will definitely help the workout enthusiasts and gym goers to relax with their time exercising. The shirt will help them to focus on their strength without any chances of injuries. The shirt is currently in the prototype phase. Schramm is finding ways to make the Muscle Shirt waterproof. Let’s see how long this shirt takes to get perfected and what audience thinks about the final products.

What is your take on the Muscle Shirt? Do you think that it is worthy of gym goers money? Let us know in the comments section!

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