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The Miami Heat Has Decided To Heat NBA With VERT’s Player Tracking Technology

Injured professional players are not so good and suitable for sports. Weaknesses, concussions, physical injuries or muscle pain is very common in basketball players and can vary from mild to intense. Most of the injuries like muscle pain or shoulder spasm can go away with simple stretches and exercise. However, what’s problematic is the physical stress faced by professional player.

The Miami Heat Has Decided To Heat NBA With VERT's Player Tracking Technology

But now for the NBA‘s one of the popular team Miami Heat, a new technology dressed up for injury prevention has jumped up into the scene. In order to get a detail insight on injuries and to monitor the already occurred harm, the Miami Heat has formed a partnership with famed sports wearable device company VERT.

To those who don’t know, VERT is a well-known name in the sector of wearable jumping technology production. It allows the wearer to find out different elements related to excessive jumping, which is the suo motto of Basketball. VERT announced its VERT2, at the start of 2016. The device is capable of monitoring jump count, G-force and jump load etc. This is exactly what a basketball player needs to know!

Expectedly, NBA teams caught whiff of the jumping wearable too and now finally Miami Heat has decided to heat up its team with the VERT2. All of the above mentioned functioning and many other significant analytics are monitored and gauged with the help of this device.

VERT2 is small and stable, therefore, it directly attached to the body of the athletes and the players etc. The question is that why it is so important in NBA? The answer is simple. NBA’s schedules and plans are so hectic that monitoring the data manually is impossible. The little VERT will transmit the important data within no time. As soon as all the data is collected, it will be sent to receiver.

The Miami Heat Has Decided To Heat NBA With VERT's Player Tracking Technology

The General Manager and Senior Vice President Heat Miami, Andy Elisburg, is happy using the wearable and thinks that it is going to have a good impact on team’s performance during NBA matches. Andy termed VERT2 as “Cutting Edge” and “Next-Generation Technology”.

Looking at the other side of the leaf, if, in any case a player is injured it will serious harm VERT’s credibility.  The firm would have to prove its worth by correctly and timely finding out all the important elements. And, if it is successful then guess what? VERT definitely will have a long and bright future.

VERT is already tested at the 2015 NCAA Division 1 Women’s Volleyball Championships. Not only did the technology fare well, but, it was also a complete success. Moreover, the correct and the real-time info analysis motivated its use with the tournament’s broadcasting, allowing viewers to see the match stats in real-time.

Miami Heat is the first team to use VERT2 in the NBA. The team’s experience and performance with the device remains to be seen. However, VERT2 is planning to extend its scope towards various other sports. Meanwhile, a start with NBA is a win, indeed!

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