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The Houston Astros Will Employ Blast Motion Sports Tech For Player Analysis During Games

The Houston Astros Will Employ Blast Motion Sports Tech

Sports Wearables are fast making their places into official leagues and teams. NBA, NFL, and MLB are the biggest names which have officially included the tech into their practices and games sessions. It has been tested and proved that the inclusion of the wearable tech is impacting high time on the performance of the players. This is why now the individual league teams are also adopting different types of wearables during their practice sessions.

This time around, Houston Afros has announced an official partnership with high-end, multi-purpose Blast Motion sensor. The Easton Power Sensor is now the official swing monitor of the entire team. Bast Motion has partnered with Easton to introduce its sensor to the baseball game. The sensor is attached to the bat and analyzes the users’ swing instantly. The big part of the biggest achievement of the Blast Motion is due to the reason that company announced three new advanced apps for pro baseball teams just three weeks before.

Blast Motion has previously bagged some very famous names as its customers but they were all on the individual player scale and dealt mostly with the professional golf. However, this is for the first time that a well-known North American Professional Sports team has contacted the guidance of this sensor.

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The Houston Astros Will Employ Blast Motion Sports Tech

The Blast Motion will allow the players to monitor their swings with the help of five different metrics employed by the included Easton Power Sensor. The metrics include power index, efficiency index, time to contact, swing speed and blast factor. Blast factor is a cumulative score from 0-100 based on all the other metrics.

Houston Astros is keen to use the sensor technology to help their team improve on many different levels. Brandon Taubman, their director of baseball operations, stated;

“We are excited about the swing analytics the Blast Motion solution brings to our organization, benefiting players, coaches, and the entire baseball operations teams for both the minor and major league teams… The technology is portable, smart, and non-intrusive, providing invaluable information that complements the expertise within our organization.”

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The Houston Astros Will Employ Blast Motion Sports Tech

Hoston’s reason of the inclusion of the wearable tech company’s technology can be due to the official inclusion of the use of wearable technology by MLB. The official announced has paved a way for the wearable tech to be adopted by the teams.

Blast Motion’s vice president of sales, Mike Woods, commenting on the partnership said;

“Being selected by the Houston Astros as the official swing analyzer is an honor and a great validation for our technology… The Astros now have access to the most accurate and consistent swing analysis technology on the market… We solved this challenge by partnering with the Astros to optimize the pro team apps to match major and minor league training session workflows.”

BlastMotion will be capable of helping the team on the swing analysis on a much bigger level. Moreover, three new apps Power Sensor Pro, Power Sensor Coach and Sensor Admin, will allow players and coaches to be alerted with all the analytics of the players. No doubt, Houston Astros will be able to gain a lot from this sensor technology and will be able to emerge out as a better team.

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