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The Hits, Misses And The Stats Of The Wearable World…

The Hits, Misses And The Stats Of The Wearable World...

Wearables are mostly associated with health and fitness. Most of the people, athletes or workout enthusiasts use wearable tech to monitor and the gauge their health related statistics. However, there is more to this technology than this simple health related calculations.

As per the report by Ericsson, a Swedish Tech company, wearables have gone way beyond fitness and health and that has been proved by the opinion of 6 in 10 users. The company collected the opinion through an online survey of the 5,000 Smartphone users across South Korea, China, the UK, the US and Brazil. The majority of the people associated with the research were themselves the wearable users.

The report found out the list of the five most wanted wearables, and health trackers and Smartwatches weren’t the part of this list.

Which Wearables Made To The Top Of The List?

Surprisingly enough, the most voted wearable was the panic/SOS button with regard to safety against a number of reasons. There are not of wearables available in the market right now, which cover the functionality of the panic buttons or other safety instruments. However, this list is an eye-opener for all the famous wearables like the Samsung’s, Fitbit’s and the Apple Watches etc.

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The second place was taken by the Smartwatches, while, the third place went to the wearable location trackers. Astonishingly, the fourth place was for the wearable identity authenticator and the last slot went to the underrated water purifier.

Why Wearables Are Disappointing?

Ericsson’s report also went deeply into the wearable world and its problems. The study stated that most of the people who bought the device in last three months were left agitated by them. As per the stats on paper, one in ten people revealed that they have left using their device. On the other hand, one-third users reported that they have completely deserted their wearables only after weeks of buying.

The main reason behind the users leaving the tech was the lack of solo connectivity and scarce functionality. However, we may expect some of the wearable devices to notice this and get updated in the coming months.

Lastly, around 70% of the users like to protect their data and won’t share it even with their doctors and internet companies etc. But, they don’t hesitate to share it with the wearable companies.

The Future Of The Wearable Tech:

In the end, the report also revealed some tidbits about the future of this tech. The findings stated that the sales of the wearables have almost doubled in a year. Consumers have also expressed their views that it will take around a year or so in order to infuse the tech completely into the lives of the general public. Two in five users also stated that they feel naked when not wearing their wearable device. Such level of attachment. Right? What’s more is that one in three smartphone users believes they will use up to at least five wearables in four-five years’ time

Ericsson’s report also stated that personal safety devices and smart garments will go mainstream beyond 2020. Coming to the smartwatch users, two in five, around 43%, believe wearables might replace Smartphones in the future and that 38% expect wearables to be able to perform the same features as Smartphones within just five years.

The findings of the Ericsson’s research opens up some very important facet of the wearable tech and their usage into the life of all. What’s your take on the matter? Do you think that this tech is capable of infusing so early into the life of masses?

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The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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