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The Garmin Forerunner 745 suspected to have LTE.

Although official announcement is yet to take place, pictures released on the Internet suggest that the Garmin Forerunner 745 might have an LTE variant.

Leaked images suggest that the Garmin 745 may embrace a look similar to the recent devices in the Forerunner series.

Not much has been leaked, although a major leak does shed some light on some of the specs of the Garmin 745.

The pictures show that the Garmin 745 will have a 7 day Training load and 4 week load focus. Nothing to be excited about, since both of these are Firstbeat metrics that were introduced with the Fenix range and the Forerunner 945.

A more fascinating find from the images, however, is a line with bars, that look like LTE signal strength indicator, hence suggesting the presence of LTE.

The presence of LTE in the Garmin 745 is a big question. It is not completely out of the picture, but the speculations are just built on some leaked images. A previous leak does suggest the presence of LTE in Forerunner 955, but not necessarily in the Forerunner 745, and the bars could also be a representation of Wi-Fi signal strength.

Garmin does have a watch with LTE; the Vivoactive 3 music (Verizon). It supports music downloading and phone-free safety features. It allows the users to send and receive messages—which requires monthly Verizon service plan— but does not allow phone calls.

Usually, at the IFAs in Berlin, Garmin reveals a group of devices, however, this years event was very low profiled, due to the corona virus, and an announcement is yet to be made about the Forerunner 745.

Other Garmin devices are also expected to be released including the Forerunner 955 and 955 LTE, and the HRM Pro chest strap with Bluetooth support. Additionally, the Venue 2 and the Descent MK2 can also be launched.

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