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The Five best Apple Watch charging docks!

Have you chosen a charging sock for your Apple Watch?
Have you chosen a charging sock for your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch, no matter if it is on the top of list or not, gathers a lot of attraction and spectators. Once the watch is launched, every other affiliated or third party companies starts making the accessories and other products that are going to give your watch more winsome and engaging experience.

One thing we should all applaud for is that, regardless of the company putting of the product which is unofficial, there is still a lot of scope for such products because the ideas are frankly more intriguing than that of Apple.

So if you have got an Apple watch you will need to have more accessories and other essential products with it. Apart from all the other things we have you that there is also a need of a charging stand or a dock because Apple watches needs to be charged regularly. However, irritating it is but still you need to buy some suitable device.

Here, we have made a list of devices that are perfect charging docks for the Apple Watch;

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The stand is made up of heavy and thick aluminum. You can easily adjust the angle of the stand watch so that your watch is perfectly adjusted on the stand. It has also the support for the night stand mode which is the highlight of the watchOS 2.

This will be your best choice if you want to keep your stand simple with just the perfect charging experience and subtle eye-catching appearance.

PRICE: $39.95



There are many other stands which are going to fill the criteria for the Apple Watch stand perfectly, but there are only some which are going to be fine, decent, sleek and every synonym at the same time and HiRise is definitely on top of that.

The stand fits every Apple Watch currently available in the market and it also lets you use the watch even when it is docked. The dock is available in two color options; silver and black.

PRICE: $49.99

MiTagg NuDock:

MiTagg NuDock

So this is the multidimensional and multi-powered dock! Why think of buying any other stand when you have something for your iPhone too! Yes! The NuDock has an iPhone charging, watch charging and a desk light all at the same time.

The NuDock was funded by Indiegogo. It is built from solid anodized aluminum and strong polycarbonate. The dock additionally has a soft rubber coat to give it a more homey appearance. It also includes a portable battery and an extra USB port for charging other devices.

PRICE: $249


This device is the cleverest dock ever produced! It is a simple box when closed but inside it has marvels. It has all the wirings for the charging and stuff neatly hidden inside it. It can charge both Apple Watch and an iPhone at the same time. It is the most perfect dock for the travelers because charging both devices from one dock saves a lot of time and you don’t have wires scattered all around too! Just unplug you devices, shut the box and whoosh everything is gone!

It can charge all the sizes of iPhone.

PRICE: $79.95



This device has not much under the hood. But it works really well and has quite an appealing experience. Also, the charging wires are neatly hidden under the stand too. The device is available in space grey or silver (the lighter one).

This dock has an official Apple feel to itself with the bossy appearance and minimalistic features.

PRICE: $69.95



It is one of those lucky docks which are endorsed and sold by Apple itself. Its makers have perfectly defines it as;

“First-of-its’s-kind Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone featuring an integrated magnetic charger and Lightning connector for an optimal charging experience.”

PRICE: $129.99

Hope you liked the list! Let us know in the comment section which dock attracted you the most!








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