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The Feel wristband has a “feel” for your emotions!

Sentio Solutions has found a solution for your sentiments. Yes, you have heard it right. A New York-based startup, Sentio made a dashing appearance at CES 2016. A product by the company named as “Feel Wristband” made its first appearance early last year, while, at CES 2016 it unveiled its actual product.


Feel Wristband is basically a wrist-worn wearable device. The company claims that the product can gauge your emotion and stress levels during regular time intervals throughout the day. It also helps in improving your mood if it gets down. The Feel doesn’t give you a different feel than any other fitness tracker.

The Feel wristband has a "feel" for your emotions!

The wearable uses a range of sensors that record galvanic skin response biometric data, blood volume pulse and skin temperature. The data is then sent to a mobile device and with the help of an app you can view your emotional status and can get an idea on the factors that are affecting you. It means that you can get an idea on the different types of environment that are affecting you plus different situations in which your emotional status took a shot. For example, a tiring day in the office or heavy gyming session can affect your emotional level negatively, while, a good holiday can relax your moods.

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The Feel wristband has a "feel" for your emotions!

The wearable is not just about storing the data. Using the data, the company have applied science on it to give users advices and tips to reduce stress and keep your tension at bay. It will give various recommendation to keep your emotions in check. The advice will be in simple forms like; to “laugh more”, go “do some exercise,” or “you need to relax.” The intense vibrations will also alert you when you have got yourself into a very stressful situation that has an inverse effect on you. The app also offers you meditation; yoga and breathing exercises that will make you feel good again.

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The Feel is available in four different hues including the Fire Red color. Pricing and launch details are not available yet. But we all are impatiently waiting to feel the difference, FEEL will make in our lives.



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