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The Best Swimming Wearables Available!

Swimming is considered as one of the most popular and trusted sports for exercising and health stuff. Although it is not an acclaimed or much enjoyed sport on international level, but those who wish to stay healthy and enjoy water at the same time; Swimming is the best combination.

Those who wish to perfect the art of swimming; there are tons and tons of wearables for swimming which you can wear while in water and can gauge your health. Although with such vast number of fine products, we need to have some list that can easily be our purchase guide. So, here at, Sportswearables.net, we have jotted down the best wearables that can make your swimming experience a ride of joy. Have a look!



Moov is just not a swimming tracker; it is a complete fitness guide for the swimmers! It is a built-in coach which deeply experiments with your strokes, turn speeds and the level of your endurance to help you train more efficiently. There is no screen so you need to have a phone to check all the stats, which cannot be done in the pool, for sure! But still with all the trouble it is worth the buy!

PRICE: $80.71



The highlighting feature of this wearable is that it can resist 50 meters of water pressure which means that you can stay under water for a long period of time as compared to the other swimming trackers and wearables currently available. The tracker believes in functioning way better even if it is not that good looking. With all the features one would want to see while swimming it is one of the best swimming wearables on the planet!!

PRICE: $184.99



Polar Loop, although rekeyed good marks from the critiques, failed to get positive reviews from majority of the customers. It is quite functional and cheap at the same time. Being waterproof, the wearable can resist up to 20 meters of depth underwater, which is not bad at all. The makers have specifically testified that you can easily take it into the pool and its functioning won’t budge a little. So you think it is worth the buy?

PRICE: $69.44



The Shine is popular due to the reason that it is not only wrist attached but it can be worn anywhere even on the trunks! It can survive up to 50 meters depth which mean that it is a good shot for the deep swimmers. Between replacements, it has got a big battery life of 6 months.

PRICE: $99.



The Garmin Swim is PERFECT for the swimming athletes. For those who are very serious in swimming and tracking their fitness along with it, this is definitely the best wearable tracker. The tracker covers all the steps or strokes you have taken, it measures the distance covered and it can also last up to 50 meters in depth.

PRICE: $147.99



Who wouldn’t want to dive 100 meters into water without even damaging their tracker? Yes, this tracker is the Runtastic Orbit which sure claims that it can go into 100 meters of dept without any wear and tear. You can browse a wide range of band colors, as well.

PRICE: $78.62



Garmin has a 5 ATM waterproof rating — resistant to the pressure at a depth of 50 metres — as well as a dedicated swimming app, GPS, smart notifications and more.

PRICE: $244.95



Mio Aplha 2 is not known to many people because it is a typical tracker for the swimmers. The tracker is water resistant to 30 meters with number of customizable displays and monitoring specifications. The interesting thing is that there are various timer apps that are included so you can track your performance in the pool.

PRICE: $199

So here’s the lineup of trackers and wearables we think that are best for swimmers. Keep in mind that this list is not based on any sort of numbering; each tracker has its own best quality, specifications and pricing. We have only made a list for your convenience.

Do let us know which one of the above is in the top of your shop list!

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