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This year has been a good year for fitness trackers, bands and sensors. A large amount of such products have already seen light of the day and yet more are to come. Apart from being good in specs and features these products not only assure better future but comes with the lowest cost possible for such diva products.

Apart from the regular launch, this year has also been special in terms of second generation products release. For example, Jawbone and Misfit which will leave you shocked that how so many specs and wonders can be fitted into such a small band and in a very reasonable cost. And like Mi Band etc which comes with the price tag near to the free for such items.

These fitness trackers are our best and affordable options available in the market. Here, for your convenience I have made a small list of such fitness trackers along with their price and winner quality.


Xiaomi Mi Band

It is a band with no price! Just kidding, well that is what I like to say. Coming to the reality, it may not be the finest or the most spectacular fitness band ever made but it is the best in tracking the steps, calories and even wakes you at the perfect time after sound sleep.  Its battery can last up to almost 30 days.

BEST QUALITY: It just costs $20.


Misfit Flash

The Flash is a wonder in itself. It can be worn anywhere apart from the wrist. Misfit Flash can track your steps and sleep and can also tell whenever you are cycling or swimming. It has a replaceable watch battery and can last Up to six months.  It just costs $24.99

BEST QUALITY: The most perfect and desirable band for swimmers.

Moov NOW:

Moov Now

The new Moov Now can almost track everything. From running, cycling – indoors and out, swimming, boxing and even activity tracking; Moov has all covered. It is able to continue work for six months on a single battery. There is no device that can match the Moov in terms of benefits to your fitness.

Anyone who pre-orders a Moov NOW will get a 40% discount making the tracker just $59.99, or $99 for a pair for boxing or swimming, rather than the full price of $99 for one.

BEST QUALITY: Moov has added support for more and more sports in its trackers.

Jawbone UP MOVE:

Jawbone Moov

It has an accelerometer for step tracking and the like, and there’s sleep tracking on offer too. Fashionistas will be pleased that it comes in a range of different colors, with different clasps and straps to mix and match. It is just available at $39.99

BEST QUALITY: The new Jawbone is best in motivating you to be on the top by continuously competing you with your friends and rivals.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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