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The Beast Sensor is a real-time data provider for weightlifters

Beast is a wearable device which is a best for your workouts at gym and weightlifting. The device by Milan, Italy based Beast Technologies is a product of sheer hard work, programming and intelligent mindsets. The combination of a perfect app along with the wearable is a cherry on the top.

The Beast Sensor is a real-time data provider for weightlifters

This little sports wearable device is suitable for all type of exercises and does not even hesitate to send you data instantly. The sensors motivate you to workout properly and prohibit wrong postures and weightlifting movements.

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The Beast sensor is magnetic. You can easily attach it to kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells or any other gym machine. You can also attach it to your body while performing free body exercise with Beast Vest. After collecting all the data, it sends it to the connected Smartphone app.

The Beast Sensor is a real-time data provider for weightlifters

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The wearable device would provide you with a real time analysis of the weights you are handling, how much energy you are wasting while lifting weights, performing bodyweight exercises or other gym equipment related analysis etc. You can also visualize strength, energy, speed while doing weightlifting and monitor your performance through the app.

Apart from giving you analysis and predictions on your data, the device will also tell you about different methods and techniques through which you can make your exercise and training more useful and effective. The Beast App informs you about all the pros and cons of your movements and actions. It suggest you the optimal weight and number of reps for injury-less better training and workouts.

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You can look into the purchase packages and the other Beast products here.

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