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With the advent of the “GADGET AGE” (I like to call it the age of gadget) our life revolves around technology. The technologies of every kind are a necessary part of our life now. From making notes in mobiles to arranging conferences on Skype, we are surrounded by the tech world!

In this rapidly changing world we look forward to gadgets and electronic devices for our health too. From Smartwatches, Activity trackers to Virtual reality headsets; we are looking for the best wearable technology to modernize our way of exercise and wellbeing. Apart from this we also want watches which are good to look and come with lots of features.

So, if you are willing to buy smartwatch or wearable anytime soon. This is the right place. Here I have compiled a list of 5 best wearable products that are going to revolutionize and overhaul your living style.


Starting with the appearance, watch is nothing close to gorgeous or mouth dropping or whatever term you use to define watches. But the watch has added a long battery life and durable touch to the watch line. Pebble Steel is the successor of the old Pebble Watch. The watch has remained talk of the town for so long. But after all this, we seriously have no idea who suggested such centuries old name for a watch!!

The watch is priced at £150 (AU$256).

Pebble Time_watchfaces-650-80


It is the watch which is better to show off than to hide under your sleeve. Moto 360 can be counted as the best-looking smartwatch to date. The plus point other than appearance is that it comes with a nifty Qi wireless charger so that you can make up for all-too-frequent charges.

The watch is little pricey with £200 ($250). But you will adjust your budget a bit for show off. Won’t you?



It is the best choice if you want a premium looking smart watch. This watch from LG is the best effort in response to the new Apple Smartwatch. This watch supports the G Watch R as a base. It has a thinner bezel and comes with very cool and new colors to add much style to your appearance.

The watch is also nominated as the “Best Smartwatch” in the TechRadar Phone Awards 2015. So if you are a big show-off, go grab one to show some good fashion scene.

The watch is priced at £217.99 ($349).



Most of the people wonder why Sony is at the list. And for me it is at the top! But according to my views and reviews by famous experts, no other watch can compete to Sony’s marvel product. The watch is the best blend of features and prices both. Although watch is not much of a good in appearance but with Snapdragon processor and much more it is a perfect fit.

Sony Smartwatch 3 is also Shortlisted: for Best Smartwatch in the TechRadar Phone Awards

The watch costs £109.02 ($188).

SmartWatch 3 press7-650-80

NOTE: This list is thoroughly made on research and is based upon personal opinion. Also, the list just describes five best wearable, there is no numbering.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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