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The 5 Best Apple Watch Straps!

Have you paired a strap with your Apple Watch?
Have you paired a strap with your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch, no matter what generation, has always been popular. Anyone who owns one is considered to be classy and luxurious proud owner. However, after the recent statistics Apple Watch is behind in the sales figure from different other smart watches but still it has got its own charm.

You can choose for any Apple watch you want with dozens of amazing specifications and features but the physical feature which makes your watch stands among all other is the quality and appearance of the strap.

Although most of the people run to choose from the minimalist official list of straps available to choose from, but that is a lot expensive. Just so you know, there are many other third party brands which sell Apple Watch straps in numerous colors and designs which are also available in cheap prizes.

Here we have made a list of the five best third party Apple Watch straps currently available and they can definitely give your wrist an appealing look.

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ivso leather strap

So here we go with the exclusive and the cheapest Apple Watch strap ever available! If you are bankrupted after buying an over-expensive Apple Watch, trust me it is the best strap to look for.

The strap is available in Red, Brown and black colors with the real leather strap and a pure stainless steel buckle. It is also available for both Apple Watch versions.

PRICE: $12.50



Although most of the people opt for the Apple’s official Milanese Loop Band but that is quite extravagant with the price tag of $149.99. The Baseus has all covered. Their own strap is although less shiny and metallic than the official band but still it is worth the shot because it is one of the best third party strap you will ever find! It is available in 38mm and 42mm guises. There are also two options; stainless steel or gold-colored to choose from.

PRICE: $69.99



For those who think that pure and traditional leather is a bit too mainstream, than JETech is the best choice! It is the unique leather strap which has a buckle with an adjustable magnetic clasp which can hold the strap at your favorable size.

The strap is only available for the 42mm version. It has two color options that are; black and blue; to choose from.

PRICE: $12.99


Reserve Strap

The smart watches are mostly preferred for their looks rather than the specifications. But those who buy the watch for its qualities are sometimes agitated with the battery life. The Reserve Strap is magically one of those straps which, apart from enhancing the look experience; also increase the battery life for30 hours. The Reserve strap adds the extra battery via a discrete micro USB port.

It is available for both 8mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch. Although you may not like the color experience but the addition of a battery is definitely a wow factor!

PRICE: $249.99


spigen rugged band

If you are in favor of the bulky and more manly looking strap than Spigen’s Rugged Band should be your top priority. It is the polymer strap suitable and rather more perfect for the 42 mm version of the Apple watch.

It is perfect for those who want to have the “pin and tuck” buckle system because it has one and it sports the athletic and trendy look rather than the most observed luxurious look of the Apple Watches.

PRICE: $24.99

These are not the only brands available but there are many more to choose from. According to me these were the best choices available.

Let us know in the comment section which one you liked the most!

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