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Technology Use In Summer Paralympics By Athletes

paralympics wheelchairs
paralympics playerMany para-sports are being held in Summer Paralympics, Tokyo. Para-badminton is going to make a debut this time. Carbon blades and prosthetics, and the use of assisted devices have improved vastly, and all these items will also be on display during the event from 24th August till 5th September 2021.
A little higher than racing wheelchairs, the wheelchair for para-basketball has a bigger push rim between 60-68 cm in diameter. These chairs are easily movable in any direction as needed. These can also immediately stop when desired to prevent any accidents during the play. Wheelchair seats have become advanced and athletes with disabilities in their lower body can use a “bucket seat” or higher backrest for support.
Racing bikes have become faster and easier to operate. Para cyclists can modify their bikes according to their needs. Those with arm impairments they can figure out which hand is more mobile, then use that particular hand on the handle. Similarly, athletes with leg amputations can fix their prostheses to the pedal.
paralympics bikeWith the help of technology, running blades have become lighter, compact and springy. A J-shaped prosthetic made of carbon fibre helps the athletes to step forward, perform a vertical flip or sprint, a long-jump or spin.
Even racing wheelchairs are now made with the help of carbon fibre technology. this makes them really light in weight but strong and sturdy. The seats of the wheelchairs are customised according to the athlete’s body. Chairs for wheelchair rugby are strong enough to tolerate any crashes. Extra wheels provide support and easy movement.
paralympics swimmer
Para-swimmers with vision impairment use a low-end tech like a small pole. The assistant of the swimmer can tap the pole on his shoulder to tell him he has to turn. Moreover, smartwatches and fitness trackers have also been in much use by these athletes during their training and practice sessions. With extensive technology use in Summer Paralympics by athletes, there will be seen a noted difference in the way different sports events will take place.
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