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TCL announced “MoveTime Family watch”


With advancing world, there is a greater emphasis on improved living conditions. People are much more concerned about their health. In this regard, constant health monitoring provides a great way to improve and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Smart wearables have gained significance in the eyes of the users, aiding those who genuinely want to refine their day-to-day living.

TCL—the China based tech company, known for its Televisions and smart phones is making a move in the smart wearables industry. It is going after a comparatively untouched part of the market. It has announced its MoveTime family watch, that keeps seniors connected and has fall detection feature.

The watch is made keeping the seniors in mind; its features precisely exhibit that. It comes with an AMOLED display with dimensions of 41 × 48.5 mm, and water resistance rating of IP67. It comes with 4g connectivity and will allow two way calling. Moreover, it will also allow to share photos and emojis from the watch itself.

Like any other smart watch, it also comes with sleep monitoring and basic fitness tracking. The most important feature for seniors, perhaps, is the automatic fall detection. The watch will send an emergency alert—with the wearer’s location—to the emergency contact when the wearer falls down. This alert is sent after a minute of falling and the wearer can cancel it. Additionally, it will also remind the users to take medicines and alert them when their heartbeat is irregularly high or low.

This aims at improved safety for seniors. The UI is designed so as to make the watch easier to use for the seniors, with large icons and watch face, and specially designed-for-seniors-graphics.

Even though this is not the first watch that TCL has released, they are yet to make an impression in the smart wearables industry.

TCL’s MoveTime Family Watch will be released in the fall in North America and Europe to be sold at €229 or $310.

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