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Taking The Guesswork Out of Limb Injuries: IMU Step


The Academy Award winning motion capture leader, Vicon’s, IMeasureU division announced the release of IMU Step. It a new piece of motion-sensing wearable tech designed to track the movement of athletes to aid the rehabilitation process. Early versions of this device are already in use by professional and collegiate programs including NBA, Pac 12 schools and Harvard.

IMU Step consists of 2 compact and light weight sensors which provides precise movement data by measuring the “bone load”. It is basically a calculation of the amount of stress athletes put on their limbs during activity. Instead of giving an overall performance data, IMU Step breaks down the analysis according to each individual limb. This is done by placing the sensors just above the ankle. The data is then analyzed through algorithms and software that help in quantifying the impact of movements on an athlete’s body.

Unlike most single sensors wearable tech, IMU Step offer a precise date that helps us classify how hard each limb hits the ground. This helps in assessing asymmetries and workout intensity which further helps in giving an accurate “bone load” score.
About 40% of injuries in a running-based sports are sustained on the foot and ankle. The metrics that IMU Step offers can help coaches and trainers in rehabilitating athletes from lower limb injuries, simultaneously reducing the risk of re-injury.

After gaining sufficient data, IMU Step can create a comprehensive and individual profile for athletes which helps in creating personalized workouts and rest schedules. This prevents re-injury as it inform coaches of any potential problem even before it has happened. This can make sure that athletes are at their best physical condition when it is time to compete.

According to Dr. Thor Besier, co-founder and chief scientist at IMeasureU, “IMU Step brings about a new understanding of injury biomechanics as we move outside of the lab and obtain accurate measurements in the real world… Using the data collected with IMU Step, athletes, coaches, trainers and support staff can make informed decisions about how to get athletes healthy, and how to keep them that way.”

IMU Step is available on IMeasureU as a part of a subscription plan. For more details on pricing and packages please visit IMeasureU.

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