Tago Arc is the bracelet we have been waiting for our entire lives!


We all have been impressed with the scope of wearables. How easily this tech has blended itself into our lifestyle and how conveniently it is becoming our fashion statement. Smart Jewelry is no new thing. However, converting one piece of jewelry into several different samples of Smart Jewelry will definitely raise some eye brows.

Tago Arc is the bracelet all ladies have been waiting for, their entire lives!

Moreover, if we tell you that the wearable you are going to create by your own Smart jewelry will need no “Charging”, will be another bummer. L!ber8 technology has made it possible for all. The firm has designed the first wearable that needs no charging and can work endlessly.

The wearable in discussion is a premium high quality, high fashion and a bracelet with impossible tech that creates countless possibilities. If you are still pondering our statement above, which mentions that a single bracelet can be converted into different other forms, we are here to explain you. You get only one bracelet but with the help of NFC technology and full E Ink display, the user can happily change the design whenever they want. Yes, you can pair your Smart bracelet with the new outfit you just got and were wondering which jewelry to pair with it.

Tago Arc is the bracelet all ladies have been waiting for, their entire lives!

There is a specific “Tago App” through which you can create your own design or choose from already listed thousands of designs. Download your selected design on the Smartphone and tag it to the bracelet. Now you won’t have to recharge it ever again, take it wherever you want.

The Tago Arc is simple and lightweight fashionable bracelet. It guarantees you that you would never get fed up from it due to its “timeless elegance”. It has three different hues, silver, black and gold. The Tago app is currently in the beta testing phase and would be launching soon. With the help of app you will have access to the coolest and most exotic designs, patterns, and drawings to browse and wear. You will be able to upload your pictures to the Tago App too. You can pre-order it now for $299 from here.

Tago Arc is the bracelet all ladies have been waiting for, their entire lives!

So, how did you find this product? The Smart piece of Tago Arc has a promising future in the era where different devices are fighting to win the race of checking your body vitals or make you fit etc. The simple wearable which can be changed just according to your mood, and style of the day is something we all want. Moreover, it is for ladies and gents, both. I wouldn’t mind having this bracelet for review, either!!


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