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Tag Heuer’s Smartwatch Golf Edition Connected comes with 40000 golf courses!

Rightly read, the Tag Heuer’s Smartwatch Golf Edition Connected comes with 40000 golf courses! All pre-loaded in advance.

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Very smart in design and highly fashionable, this Tag Heuer’s smartwatch is simply a delight to look at. High on performance, a gadget designed especially for golf players. It can track the number of shots played, the score made by the player and the distance needed to finish the course.

tag heuer
The Tag Heuer’s Golf Edition Smartwatch

Also, there’s a user friendly feature called the Driving Zone. It tracks the previous tee shots and gives suggestions when to target in real time. Capable of keeping track of the user’s overall performance, this smartwatch can compile data and keep a record of progress as well.

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Moreover, there is a Tag Heuer Golf App through which the user has access to 40000 preloaded course tracks. This app also gives a 3-D rendering on the phone for a more detailed look at the course.

tag heuer

The Tag Heuer’s Smartwatch Golf Edition Connected is bound to provide complete assistance to the player. It helps the player to improve his strategy and focus on an accurate shot. Not only for golf, this smartwatch can keep track of running and cycling. It can monitor heart rate and can collect metrics for distance, pace, calories and speed. Totally water resistant and durable, the smartwatch boasts a battery run of 20 continuous hours.

The Golf Edition smartwatch has a white rubber strap that matches with the ball. The display is large and round with emerald green touches to match the grass around the field. Priced at $2550, this smartwatch comes with a divot tool,four branded tees, three branded golf balls and an extra black rubber strap.


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