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Syska Group Steps into Smartwatches Market with its SW100

Syska group has recently announced that it will be launching its SW100 Smart Watch to step into wearables and Smart Watches market.

India smart wearables industry has seen a huge rise in fitness related products recently and the consumer demand for these products has also increased exponentially as well. This growth is expected to continue like this for next few years considering recent trends. Over 14.9 million wearable devices units were shipped last year alone which marked a 168.3% increase as compared to the previous year.

More than half of this wearable industry is being dominated by smart watches as 61.1% share of the entire wearables market was held by smart watches alone for the year 2019. Just a year prior, in 2018, the industry had 53.6% share dominated by smart watches. This increase of almost 8% just in one year marks how important Smart Watches are to this side of the tech market. The rise of wearables has also marked a rise in prioritization of fitness and health in our day to day lives now that we can keep track of your activates, blood circulation, heart beat and even level of oxygen in blood and quality of our sleep.

“Syska has always been at the forefront of launching new and innovative products that cater to the evolving customer needs. The company has entered the smart wearable category at the most opportune time when individuals are looking to boost their immunity through workouts and yoga sessions at home,” Syska released a statement.

With the launch of Syska SW100, already busy Smart Watches market will see another competitor. It is yet to be seen what level of competition will Syska be bringing to the market but we are hopeful that the overall quality of products will continue to rise as it has been so far and anyone would agree that this rise of quality owes a lot to the level of competition we have in this sector of tech industry.

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