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Swiss Made Horological Smartwatches

Frederique Constant is an elite Swiss watch-making company which has been in the business of making elegant, feminine and absolutely exquisite smart watches. Here,  they pay special attention to the design and never compromise on its quality. Being traditional and classical, they have produced some of the most timeless pieces of watches.

Frederique Constant always try to evolve with time and be innovative with their watches, reaching out and meeting the demands of recent times. This Genevan company is recognized and famous for its quality of products as each of its time piece is assembled by hand and its functioning checked for a considerable amount of time by both humans and specially designed machines.The company has now come up with another timepiece the Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady.

Aletta Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant at the Baselworld 2017 said, “We were the first to enter the market with connected horological watches, but we don’t want to venture any further into high-tech; we would be in competition with 100% smartwatches and, above all, we would no longer be Swiss made.” The company don’t want to lose its classical and traditional craftsmanship. It wants to keep on making smart watches that are elegant and beautiful and not a computer. She also said, “We’re not targeting geeks. We make beautiful Swiss quartz watches, with smart functions, that don’t need charging.”

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So Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady series is guaranteed to be 100% Swiss made, it will have a water resistant case, including the ever traditional dial with hands and a crown on the side, and a quartz watch movement which has a battery life of 2 years.

The MMT-365 app governs the functions of the watches, this app is available in both iOS and Android smartphones. The app is connected to the smartwatch through bluetooth and with a push on the crown the data is synced and transferred. The person is notified of the calls or messages etc through discreet vibrations. For instance if a person receives a call, both the hands point towards 2 o’clock where there’s an icon for a phone and the watch vibrates for 2 seconds.

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Other functions of the watch include recording the physical activity, sleep patterns, smart alarm reacting to sleep cycles, setting two time zones at once, and even tips for improving the sleep cycles and physical activity.

Definitely not all of the above mentioned functions can be displayed on the analog dial, some of them are displayed on the app.

Horological Smartwatch Notify Lady series is innovative, elegant to wear and smart to control.

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