Swing IQ Smart Apparel by Majestic – Hitting Analysis in Baseball Games


Even though, Majestic will not be the provider of on-field uniforms for Major League Baseball starting from 2020 but did not stop them from introducing this smart apparel called Swing IQ.

It is still not clear if this product launched by Intel will be used in Major League Baseball  but its uniqueness has made it worthy of discussion. Swing IQ Smart Apparel introduced by Intel technology have sensors for detecting movement which gives 360-degree movement of hip, shoulder and wrist tracking throughout the entire swing made by an athlete with the baseball. Swing IQ Smart Apparel could be used in practice game as well as in actual game. In this apparel, sensors contain a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Both of these are located strategically in a manner that nobody could notice them.

Swing IQ – Shaping The Future:

Swing IQ Smart Apparel helps hitters in determining their kinetic energy on field. Moreover, it gives them a new understanding of their batting mechanics. Swing IQ Smart Apparel also makes the hitter smarter and help him to validate his swing sequence. It is definitely shaping future by merging technology with body kinetics. It helps improving movement of the body while hitting, making athletes smarter about their performance on field.

Swing IQ App:

Swing IQ application is set to be launched very soon, by Intel. This application is designed after obtaining data from various records of different athletes. There will be many new features in this application which will help its users, for instance training tools on the application will include video overlays, real time data, historical archiving, sharing on social media and swing comparisons side by side.

Intel Behind Swing IQ:

Intel designed the entire technology behind the shirt of swing IQ and now has also designed Swing IQ app. In a nutshell, Intel is making this great fusion of sports industry to human body. It has fused data of technology along with sports and has came out with the launch of some great smart products.