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SwimSafe Keeps Your Kids Safe While Swimming

Kids’ safety and sports trackers are also gaining popularity. More and more moms feel secure with some sort of wearable strapped around their children body. However, you would be more comfortable if your child is wearing SwimSafe when in the pool. The wearable promises to ensure your kids’ safety in the pool.

SEAL SwimSafe instantly alerts the parents and the nearest lifeguards when the children might be on the verge of danger or suffering from it. It is basically a collar worn around the neck when in the pool. With the help of RF technology, it sends a real-time alarm to the parents and lifeguards. The system works in the form of different lights. In order to alert the concerned, it blows green light when kids are in the water, sends blue light for beginners when the wearers are submerged for 20 seconds, purple light when submerged for 45 seconds, and when the device is away from the hub it shows orange light.

SwimSafe Keeps Your Kids Safe While Swimming

The Hub which will alert is similar to a plastic cup. It checks in with the bands every few seconds and if a child is submerged longer than the setting, it shows the mentioned lights and sounds acting as a warning.

The SEAL SwimSafe isn’t meant to act like a lifeguard. But, it is a device which will help lifeguards and will relax parents that their kids won’t be in danger now. The YMCAs in the US have also been using the device in the pools and the summer camps. The wearable has resulted in drastically less number of drowning.

Graham Snyder, the inventor of the device and CEO of the startup explained;

“Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for kids under 5 years of age in the US. We saw how YMCA’s were giving kids bands to indicate their level of swimming proficiency. I wondered if there was a way to bring technology to the table to provide another level of security.”

The wearable is worn in a collar way, but it is comfortable and the hands of the kids are obviously free so they won’t mind wearing it. What’s more, is that a single commercial system can easily monitor up to 60 swimmers at once.  The SwimSafe was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and is now available to buy (for $379 for one band, one hub and one charger. The device can be ordered from Amazon Launchpad.

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