Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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Swimming with Speedo On

Speedo’s new web app to track your swimming is here. Speedo On will replace the old app Speed Fit It syncs with water proof fitness trackers and sport watches to records your swim sessions. Before you get too excited about it, we would like to warn you that the app is still in beta phase and the final product may look something entirely different but for now we love it!

Speedo On may seem pretty uninspiring on its own. It lets you input your swim data manually. You can record the length of the pool, your swim time and distance. It also tells your pace and the calories burned but that’s about it. Pretty mundane, right?

Now here’s the game changer. Once you sync Speedo On with any of the fitness trackers you own, it is a whole new ball game. For now Speedo On is compatible with some of the top notch devices in the market such as  Garmin, Misfit Ray and Speedo Shine 2; the company is looking to add even more devices to the list.

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Once synced to a gadget, it features additional specs like stroke type for each lap. You can calculate the length of your swim, time taken, number of strokes, and your pace per 100m, along with each interval breakdown which helps you assess time, stride, distance, length, stroke type and number of strokes taken for each interval you take.

That’s not where it ends. It also provides graphical representation of your pace, strokes and SWOLF (also known as swim golf, which is basically a score obtained by adding your number of strokes per length per the time taken to cover that length. So the lower score you get the better swimmer you are.)

The best thing about Speedo On is its organized and clutter free layout. Also, you will not have to invest in an entirely new wearable for the sole purpose of swimming. Isn’t that exactly what we need? Multipurpose apps and trackers? We think this consumer friendly step from Speedo is a huge gap-filler. Here is where you can sigh up for their beta version.

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