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Swimming Wearable Tracker by Wave System to keep track of young swimmers

Recently launched is the Swimming Wearable Tracker by Wave System to keep track of young swimmers. Put it on your child’s head just like you put the helmet on their heads while they are going out on a bike.

Wave system in use, in the video below.

Source: Wave Systems

A parent’s watchful eyes are always on duty, but sometimes you need some extra vigilance because the eyes can miss things. The Wave System has come up with this amazing Swimming tracker for you and your child. The tracker will not only track your child’s swimming activities but also ring an alarm if he or she is in the water too long.
The Wave system utilizes three types of Trackers, including this headband
The Wave system utilizes three types of Trackers. A Hub device is placed beside the pool. This single device can monitor around 10 trackers, each placed individually on the child’s head. With two Bluetooth modules present (one on either side of the Tracker), each is capable of transmitting a signal to the Hub twice a second. Parents can get to know that everything’s alright.
If both these modules get immersed in water, then the signals are blocked and the hub cannot be sent notifications. Once the Hub does not receive the signals for a preset amount of time. the alarm begins to ring and an LED ring begins to flash. There is a corresponding App that will let you know all updates including if the batteries need further charging.
The Wave Hub with an assortment of Trackers


However, if the tracker falls off or is made to fall off, the parents will not be getting any kind of notification. The CEO at Wave Systems has claimed that research is still going on to develop a v2 tracker that would determine that it is active or has fallen off. Currently, a commercial version of this system is already being used in several parts of the US. This commercial device can monitor up to 100 trackers at one time. The price of the Hub is around $699 whereas each individual tracker is $99.

The Swimming Wearable Tracker by Wave System is unique and one-of-a-kind. Looks like a promising gadget with long-term applications in the swimming sector.


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