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Swimmerix; An Easy-to-Use And The Most Accurate Swimming Wearable

Swimmers need wearables which will be able to meet all their swimming needs and requirements. At the same time, the wearable devices should have good battery life with strong build and waterproofing so that they don’t get managed. With the idea to provide swimmers with all they need, Swimmerix has surfaced on the sports wearable tech scene with the help of Kickstarter.

Swimmerix is a unique product. For the very first time, swimmers are going to have a device with a two-part design. Currently, we are used to the mainstream wrist-worn wearables for the swimmers. Coming to the wearable, one part of it is worn by the swimmer like a wristband, and, the other IP68 waterproof base mounts to the wall of the pool. The reason behind this setup is that this leads to more accurate results like the measurement of speed and distance. The accuracy is gauged by measuring the essentials between the two points.

Swimmerix; An Easy-to-Use And The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker

On the other hand the Swimmerix hardware measure the other important aspects like number of laps, heart rate, distance covered, time taken, number of stroke and calories burned etc. In the end, it will calculate your SWOLF which is the efficiency score of a swimmer counted by the time needed to cross the pool and the number of strokes.

There is a connected Swimmerix app too. It acts as a trainer, analyzing all your data and giving you the important feedback instantly. From helping you set up different programs of the swimming course to indicating the lap finished and the pace required, Swimmerix has covered it all. The wristband has different colors which will blink to order you different commands like, slow speed, time stop or pace up etc.

Swimmerix; An Easy-to-Use And The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker
An overview of Swimmerix’ Features

All the data collected through the app is stored in the cloud for the review later. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Swimmers can also choose their workout and goals like endurance and weight loss etc with the help of app. With the help of goal mentioned, the app suggests a suitable training program.

Swimmerix is all what a swimmer needs. Unfortunately, the only problem is that the two part setup is of no use for the open water swimmers. But, on the other hand the accurate data measured with the help of both parts is definitely good news for passionate swimmers.

Swimmerix; An Easy-to-Use And The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker
Swimmerix Wristband will be available in different, stylish colors

The Kickstarter campaign for Swimmerix is on full swing with 47 backers for £5,600 and 27 days left for the goal of £24,000. The campaign is offering a whooping discount. A kit with charger and a wall mount are available for just $100 in a variety of colors and prints. The expected retail price for the wearable will be $170. The closing date is in March and the delivery is scheduled for October.


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