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SwimBot Pledges To Improve Swimmers’ Techniques

Swimming has already been made a lot easier with number of devices and wearables. There are plenty of wearables that work under water and provide you with all the statistics you want. The SwimBot has combined the usage of wearable tech with little under-water music enjoyment.

SwimBot Pledges To Improve Swimmers' Techniques

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SwimBot is much more capable than the other swimming tech available nowadays. It can count your laps, strokes, timing of your breathing, unbalanced propulsion, and can even recognize when your vertical streamlining is off.

The wearable is attached under the back of your swimmers’ swim cap. The device consists of number of sensors such as gyroscope, accelerometer and a microprocessor. The users can improve their swimming techniques and under-water postures with the help of SwimBot. All swimmers have to do is to select a training program depicted on the SwimBot’s touchscreen interface.

SwimBot Pledges To Improve Swimmers' Techniques

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The various training programs forces on streamlining, propulsion, breathing and other important swimming methods and techniques. After the user has started swimming, the sensors begin their work. Every vital and essential is directly recorded from the back of your head and no other partner wristband or other secondary device is wanted.

SwimBot sends you audio feedback when your body weight is on one side, your strokes are hard, or your head is held too high etc. The wearers can also access the detail review of their swimming session with the help of connected Smartphone App. The users can easily track and maintain their progress over time.

SwimBot Pledges To Improve Swimmers' Techniques
Technical Specifications Of SwimBot

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SwimBot has a 1,000-mAh lithium-ion battery pack. It also has a pair of waterproof bone-conduction earphones for little enjoyment under-water. The device is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. There are 159 backers who have pledged for $40,027USD out of $175,000 flexible goal. A month is left until the campaign ends. Currently, the pace of the backers is very low.

If you are an avid swimmer and want SwimBot to improve your swimming techniques than back it now for US$249.

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