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Sweat Sensing Wearables Will Be The Next-Gen Wearable Tech

Sweat Sensing Wearables Will Be The Next-Gen Wearable Tech

Health and Well-being is one of the main elements; recent wearable tech is famous for. Scientists and Researchers are continuously looking out for different features that will make a perfect fitness wearable. This time around, a team of genius scientists has developed a set of wearable sensors that will snuggle right on your skin.

The set of sensors in question will deal with different molecules. The sensors won’t be attached directly, of course, rather they will be included in a wristband or headband. They will keep on measuring different levels of chemicals and other substances in your sweat. Scientists have claimed that chemical measurement of sweat can benefit in a wide variety of health related issues.

The researchers also developed a brand new sweat monitor fitted into a translucent bracelet. The device includes various sensors and a flexible circuit board that measures the concentration of various chemicals in sweat. With the help of a Bluetooth transmitter, all the data is sent to a connected phone. The wearable was experimented before it became public, and different humans wore it on their wrists and head while scientists measured data during exercise sessions.

Ali Javey, Lead author and Berkeley professor, described that human sweat has an array of various chemicals. He mentioned that it sweat constitutes of electrolytes, proteins, and heavy metals, which are a perfect subject for health research and studies for the future. The researchers also measured four different chemicals that are Potassium, Glucose, Lactate and Sodium to study the authenticity of the Sweat-proof device.

The paper, Nature paper, mentioning the study demonstrated that the concerned researchers can detect dehydration in runners based on the concentration of sodium in their sweat. Ali Javey also said that a variety of diseases could be detected from sweat.

It is important to note that sweat analysis is not a novel idea and is currently used in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and to test for use of illicit drugs. But, the idea of the researchers to continuously measure health using the sweat wearable is still amateur and not a developed one. It needs a lot of work before it turns into reality.

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