Borussia Dortmund became a part of SWAP blockchain platform by Fantastec this week. Dortmund is one of the most successful football clubs not only in Germany alone but in all of Europe. Besides its success, it also a has a huge number of fans following around the world. The smartphone application by SWAP is eyeing on connecting sports fans to their beloved sports. Another European giant, Arsenal already signed up for this venture back in February. Addition of Dortmund to this cause only cements the fact that it is something to look out for in the days to come.

“More than ever fans want more interaction and engagement with the teams and players they follow,” said Matthias Zerber in one of his statements. Zerber also believes that SWAP has proven to be good “for all football fans around the globe that love the game and enjoy technology bringing them closer to the team.” Zeber is the Managing Director at Borussia Dortmund Merchandising.

This platform by SWAP enables the supporters to find, make a collection and even exchange the merchandise and collectibles amongst each other. All these collectibles include a wide range of things including autographs of famous football stars. Compiling some sets of rewards enables the users to win exclusive and rare collectibles through the smartphone application. Each item is authenticated by the club and other sources with time stamps and blockchain technology.

Steve Madincea commented on SWAP by saying: “The innovative format provides exclusive player profiles containing a variety of special features including authenticated player signatures, one-off content and dynamic stats.” Steve is Managing Partner at Fantastec.

There are a number of ways being used to develop blockchain in the side of sports and gaming. SOCIOS, another startup in this field, has managed to link with European football giants PSG and Juventus in this venture to develop crypto token. These tokens will let the fans to connect with the clubs in a number of different ways.