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Suunto’s Motion Sensor: Movesense

A year after launching Movesense beta at Consumers Electronics Show (CES), about 400 developers from all over the world have Suunto’s all-in-one motion sensor’s access, which also includes 4 companies that are going to present their new products and inventions at CES 2018. Now Suunto has increased the production capabilities after releasing Movesense firmware v1.0 to achieve the ever-growing demand from companies that have integrated Movesense into their products. These products will be unveiled at Fitness and Technology marketplace on booth 44337 by these companies. Movesense sensor increases the time in market for every product from health monitors to fitness wearables, university research and even livestock tracker. With 0.35ounce weight and 1.44inches diameter, Movesense comprises of a gyroscope, an accelerometer, heartrate, ECG sensor, temperature sensor and magnetometer in a built-in package which can be easily combined with any type of garment or device.
“The world has already seen many motion sensors, but none as easy to customize for your own project as the Movesense sensor. Most IoT motion sensors are either cost-prohibitive industrial-grade options or they’re incomplete circuit boards that aren’t ready to use,” Said Movesense’s senior manager of Future Concepts, Terho Lahtinen “With Movesense, we’re sharing our hardware development experience with companies to help them shave years off the R&D process. Hundreds of businesses—both startups and established companies—already have access to Movesense. With its well-managed API, these companies can build new sensor functionality to quickly commercialize their own sensor concepts. In a sense, we’re democratizing the development of sensor functions. Companies will be able to generate comprehensive data that can improve athletic performance, spot equipment failures, aid rehabilitation programs, and support virtually any motion-sensing application you can dream up.” He added.
Companies that are going to unveil new Movesense based products include:
Ain1.ai: It is a human measurement and functioning application. Professionals used to depend on heavy and costly equipment in order to measure their progress of work out and rehabilitation. Ain1 is developing a lightweight mobile platform in combination with Movesense sensor for coaching purposes.

This device notes down precise and accurate measurements as an athlete or a patient moves or exercises while wearing it. These measurements can be documented and studied thoroughly with details. Ain1’s first product, Ain1 Balance will be announced at CES.
Runteq: An intelligent coach for running techniques and exercises. Runteq assists recreational runners in monitoring their running economy or load power. Which not only improves their running technique but also prevents overload injuries,
Runtech introduces its brand new wearable products based on Movesense and its revolutionary coaching app that is cloud-based which treats every single runner individually and then combines all the effective running technique unearthing with personal sensations. Runteq’s algorithms were programmed into Movesense sensors, and not it benefits from Suuto’s both hardware as well as software platforms. Rather than building and designing the hardware, they can direct all their efforts to develop AI driven coaching experience and analyze running technique.
SUPA: Analytic kit attire for body-sensing. It is a modular, resizable and secure data collecting biometric platform to use the sensors of IoT devices which include SUPA Powered attire with Movesense sensors. SUPA kit is also offered by SUPA to its customers to develop its services and new products. The have a modular design with core functionality which empowers distributed functionalities with not only their wellness but also sports and health. Democratizing healthcare is SUPA’s ultimate mission. SUPA’s AI takes biometric data to the context not only to present individualized understandings but also for data analytics for its customers.
TriMix: Home Tri-Fitness. TriMix, a fitness company based in New York, has succeeded in developing a “home gym” which broadcasts live classes of work out to its customers at home. The package consists of a tab computer, training equipment for strength and cardio and numerous Movesense sensors. AN interactive app personalizes these workout classes, influenced by movement and heart rate data of each user. This means the live workout treats every coustomer according to their age and level of fitness.
About Movesense
Movesense is motion-sensing solutions’ development environment. Developed by Suunto in Finland, its effortless and inventive tools enhance sensing and data collection applications throughout fields like agriculture, health and fitness, sports and more.
Companies that are keen to combine Movesense’s technology with their products can order developer kits at www.movesense.com

About Suunto
Suunto is well known for manufacturing precision instruments, sports wearables and dive computers. It is based in Finland. (www.suunto.com)

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