Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes’ Facing Problems


Wearable technology has become the choice of athletes for their training and other practice related stuff. Eventually, every other wearable is coming to the terms with the overgrowing usage of this tech in sports and by athletes. More and more companies are shifting the concern of their devices towards sports. And, the new Suunto Spartan Sport is the result of one such effort!

Suunto Spartan Sport is a strong and sleek multisport GPS watch for athletes. “Many athletes prefer a low-profile fit on the wrist over extra-long battery life,” this is the motive of this watch! This watch is not just restricted to training and can be worn at any place and at any time.

Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes' Facing Problems

Suunto Spartan Sport’s motto states; “Progress Beyond Logic.” This means that this sports diva not only focuses you on improving your game and the skills involved in sports but it manages to keep you on the path instead of pushing you towards strain and workouts beyond capacity.

Spartan Sport has a colored touch screen functional in direct sunlight. It has different features suitable for rogue sports like cycling, skiing, snowboarding, biking and racing etc. The device offers route navigation to stay you updated with the path you took. The watch is composed of titanium and stainless steel. Spartan Sport is water resistant up to 100 m (300 ft) and has a battery life of 26-hours (16 hours when using GPS).

Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes' Facing Problems

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Coming to the front where it champions, Suunto Spartan’s “Sports Expertise” has 80 pre-loaded sports settings including running, cycling, swimming, triathlon and various adventure sports, such as hiking or ski touring. The watch accurately tracks your sports metrics such as distance, pace, speed, altitude, heart rate and calories, and provides support for running and cycling power and cadence (requires external power or bike sensors).

With the help of Suunto’s sports community, Suunto Movescount, the device keeps a record of your training all the time. It collects all the essential information like training pressure, progress, rest rate, recovery rate. After collecting the data it compares your results to your friends and those using the watch near you. It helps in creating your own training plans and keeps the record of your personal data. Suunto Movescount also has the Heatmaps capability. This feature captures the most popular places to run, hike, ski and more than fifteen other sports tracks that other users are active on.

Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes' Facing Problems

Suunto Spartan Sport will be available in black, white, blue and “sakura” (the Japanese word for cherry, short for pink) colors. The price of the watch will be $549, which is a bit too much!

The wearable is set to release in September 2016 but you can pre-order your watch from company’s website. We all know that Suunto will never ditch us when it comes to quality, features, and performance. So, stay excited about the big release!