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SURFGEM Will Enhance The Athletes Game!

SURFGEM...be better... surf BETTER!

SURFGEM is soon going to be a new addition in the world of intense surfing. The wearable is the future of surfing and will enhance the skill of the athletes and the surfers like no wearable ever.

The wearable Sports Technology, SURFGEM empowers athletes with meaningful performance information to help them immediately enhance their game. With the help of the wearable device, the athletes and the surfers will be able to dissect their gameplay and find out the data which will help them in being best.

SURFGEM will allow the users to keep a track on their data and statistics. It measures your surfing allowing you to track your progress and compare your results over time. The users will be able to share their sessions too. All you will have to do is to tag your friends and location, then with your wearable device run stats to share across yours social channels.

SURFGEM...be better... surf BETTER!

Apart from sharing the data and learning stats, SURFGEM will also allow you to train from pros. This means that the users can capture all their surfing data and will be able to analyze it properly with the help of professionals. Learn from the Pros and train like one! The surfing wearable will also reward your achievements. It will let you share them with your friends. Just challenge your competition to see who can earn the most!

SURFGEM believes in enhancing the sport of surfing. The new wearable technology will leave no stone unturned to enhance the users’ skills.

Enhance your surfing with SURFGEM, get motivated with friends and train better together. No matter your level, no matter your goal.