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Superior Tracker Is The First Sports Wearable For Paddle Boarding

Water Sports have become a big thing, but, the tech and the wearables associated with it haven’t. However, Motionize is trying to motionize the landscape and is trying to bring about a change in the water sports world. The company has just launched the “Superior Tracker”.

Superior Tracker Is The First Sports Wearable For Paddle Boarding

As per the claims, Superior Tracker is the first activity tracker reserved for stand-up paddling. The wearable is basically a 9-axis motion sensor that is mounted to the paddle of the user. It monitors the technique in which the users water paddle and provides them with an audio feedback on the data which helps them in mastering the strokes and teaches them to do gliding like a professional.

Superior Tracker will track the stroke count, distance per stroke, paddle entry angle, and delivers all the results to the Smartphone of the user. Apart from the sports activities, it monitors the calories burned and the heart rate of the wearer during paddle boarding, however, you need to attack a chest strap along with it.

Motionize already has a tracker for Kayaking and the new Superior Tracker wearable is the advanced rendition of it. It is already available for $99. So, if you are a paddle boarder and want to slay your game and want to be a winner, this wearable might be a perfect choice for you.

It seems that, finally, someone has given some positive attention to the water sports wearables as well.

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