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Super Straps – The Comfortable Choice For Backpackers

Introducing Super Straps

Backpacks have kind of always been the cool kids’ option. It is an effective way of carrying sufficient weight without killing your shoulders. But we have all suffered those long days which end up killing our backs. So if you are one of those people who suffer because of wearing backpacks, you may be interested in Super Straps created by BetterBack.

Why Is It So Amazing?

The Super Straps system has been intended to be utilized with your beloved backpack. It right away alleviates shoulder and back pressure, enhancing your stance and giving a more ergonomic support network on account of its patent-pending technology.

How Does It Work?

The Super Straps are perfectly engineered with a minimalist design. It works through a pulley system that lifts the weight closer to your spine so you can carry it without too much strain on your back. The arc distributes the weight of the backpack up to 5 times the surface area. This can provide instant shoulder and neck relief. It lifts off around 27lbs weight off your neck and improves your posture naturally.

The Comfortable Choice

Super Straps has quick stop zipper technology which allows you to customize your arc support.  It comes with a comfortable padding system that prevents the straps from digging too deep or pinching in your shoulders. The design is made to outlast your usual backpack. You can use it whenever you want good shoulder support. It can be used while travelling, adventure trips, school, sports and while even carrying your baby.

You can get an early bird discount with a 35% off, at just $49. Click here to preorder.

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